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I don’t usually publish poetry in this blog – or, indeed, online, or anywhere – but this response to the second part of this week’s Read Write Prompt seemed relevant to my themes here, dealing as it does with the effects (on this middle-class white woman) of an incident of street harassment.

* * *

Being Heckled

Curled up, shadows drawn in
and the window shut:
he’s back, in full sun,
yelling, “What a skirt!”
His mate whistles agreement.

I climb a tree.

From above me, ravens
fairy-dark and raging
drive into his mind.

Thought and Memory depart.

* * *


The prompt was “Select a memory from “what you want to forget,” [a previous part of the exercise] and write in this scenario: You are in the future, in bed, dreaming. The forgotten memory appears, haunting you, perhaps. A magical animal also crosses your path. In your narrative, incorporate images invoked by photo #1, the light through trees.”

You might also like to look up Huginn and Muninn.


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