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napowrimo day 30

a poem a day
for a long thirty day month
I am poemed out


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Napowrimo day 29

From a Big Tent Poetry prompt.

I have always loved rocking
rocking chairs, a boat, a swing:
shift your weight and you’re floating
feeling that you could take wing.

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Napowrimo day 28

Nod to Liber XV

Fire sweetens air
salt admonishes water:

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Napowrimo day 27

This was inspired by a Big Tent Poetry prompt.

What’s at the centre?

The cherry on the top bang in the middle;
wicks running central to the candle’s core;
the in-breath, the out-breath, noticed as it flows;
heartwood which rots yet leaves a living tree;
the single leg of a tapping table;
a paperback’s glossy picture pages;
clusters of stamens awaiting the bees;
a farm near Fox’s Drayton-in-the-Clay;
the magnetic coils of earth’s molten rock;
and in silence, the small still voice of God.

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Napowrimo day 26

Guess where I had to go today?


Heels up and knees out
let those folks with microscopes
probe your sexual sins.

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NaPoWriMo day 25

Response to the One Single Impression prompt, place.


Your flowers are
breaking out:
I cannot name
the blue one
or this tiny
white one but
no matter; you
don’t know mine.
Welcome or not
I visit
in all weathers
and love you
when your flowers
are just out.

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NaPoWriMo day 24


Sitting with the snake
coils wringing out my heart
choking up my throat
venom in my eyes
I breathe compassion for snakes
and try not to fight.

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