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Today’s prompt: the thing you didn’t choose.

Dear Bicycle

I chose
not to be good.

I chose
to kill the world.

I chose
learning to drive
buying a bike.

Of course,
I can’t cycle
but still
I could die green.

I could
pedal terrified
but good.

In the end I
chose the car.

Possibly I should have addressed this poem to the environmental movement who have instilled in me such a deep sense of guilt and powerlessness, but in truth, I’m trying to stay with them. I recycle! I only buy energy-saving bulbs! I can’t compost or change my heating system or insulate my rented Victorian house, but I write to my MP about green issues! I do what I can; please don’t hate me!


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song tome
in hand

we strum
and hum

and eat dampers
with rotten jam

the fire

and spits

we sing for joy
and see barges

Of fifteen demands in this prompt, I managed five, I think. There were just too many words to use – it would take me several days to write a poem that long! I admire those who can write more, faster.

Mind you, my poem was nearly about road humps, so this is better. It’s funny, nobody ever says ‘these are some good road humps’, or ‘I fancy going out and doing some road humps’, or ‘have you done the new road humps over Bushey way? They’re great, man!’ but actually, road humps are one of my favourite parts of a driving lesson. Especially the kind which are technically ‘speed cushions’ – a bump in the middle, which you can smooth out by getting your wheels in just the right place. There’s something about that which is just the right level of challenging but manageable, with instant feedback.

I bet you don’t get that kind of fun in GTA17: Slightly Naughty Town.

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