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For some weeks now, maybe months, I have been building up draft posts behind the scenes here. Why do I never finish and post them, I wondered. Then I was writing a plan for my next major piece of writing (more major than a research proposal, longer than an essay… the much-anticipated dissertation). I realised that I’d need to set deadlines for each chapter, each section of writing.

If I don’t have deadlines for the blog, I’ll never post. I’d like to post, therefore I need some deadlines. I’m going to aim to post every week for the next year. This, being the week of my birthday, is a good start; this is Sunday, First Day by Quaker reckoning. I might post more often than once a week, but if I don’t post in that long, I’ll have to… think of some blog-related forfeit to undertake. What is the online equivalent of eating one’s hat?

I will post once this week (i.e. before next Sunday), not counting this post, and every week thereafter for at least a year.

Wish me luck and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about.


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