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I went to Creswell Crags on Saturday – I’m trying to hit the tourist spots before I leave Nottinghamshire – and saw, among many other interesting carvings on rock and bone, (a replica of) the Pin Hole Man. You can see a picture here at the Creswell Crags website. Our tour group discussed briefly what might be depicted – a man (clearly, there’s a phallus), a woman (clearly, there’s a bosom – it doesn’t pass for an arm when compared with the legs), someone in a mask (the head is large and the nose huge). I suggested, in that joking tone I usually adopt when unsure of the reception of my ideas, that perhaps the person was cross-dressing. Much laughter. The tour guide asked for permission to use that in future.

My first response was to be pleased to have created laughter and to have been ‘approved’ by the group in this way.

My second, much more considered, response is to be sorry that nobody else had considered that even a possibility, and that it wasn’t been taken at all seriously. Art of that date is hard to interpret in any case, but why should cross-dressing be any less likely than mask-wearing?


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