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Welcome to Rhiannon’s Blog of Problematising Stuff. I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog to write about feminism, gender and sexuality studies, and related issues* for a while, but Monica Robert’s recent post Clean Up Feminism, Then We’ll Talk has tipped me over the edge from ‘maybe I should, it might be fun’ to ‘this is something I need to do’.

I’m a white mostly-straight fairly-healthy cissexual British woman, currently a university student and hoping to stay that way for a while (finish the undergraduate degree, take an MA, see where it goes…). I’m also a Quaker (although not a Christian), and I’d like to take a quote from Britian Yearly Meeting’s book of Advices and Queries to be the motto of this blogging enterprise:

“Think it possible that you may be mistaken.”

I shall, in case you’re wondering, be applying that mostly to myself.

* ‘related’ understood in an extremely broad sense. Intersectionality never ends.


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