Napowrimo day 26

Guess where I had to go today?


Heels up and knees out
let those folks with microscopes
probe your sexual sins.


NaPoWriMo day 25

Response to the One Single Impression prompt, place.


Your flowers are
breaking out:
I cannot name
the blue one
or this tiny
white one but
no matter; you
don’t know mine.
Welcome or not
I visit
in all weathers
and love you
when your flowers
are just out.

NaPoWriMo day 24


Sitting with the snake
coils wringing out my heart
choking up my throat
venom in my eyes
I breathe compassion for snakes
and try not to fight.

Napowrimo day 23

Escape, a Big Tent Poetry prompt.

Trigger warning.

Into the blackness:
a poor end but it’s better
than staying, worthless.

NaPoWriMo day 22

I am still going, just skipped a couple of days of posting! This poem was from another Poetic Asides prompt, and it’s in the Big 10 form again.

The thing about being the only one
is that it’s actually very common.
I’m the only one writing this poem;
even if you are reading it aloud
or with friends or in a classroom, you are
the only person reading it just so.
Your eyeball, for example, is unique
ditto your optic nerve and synapses.
This is what each atom has in common:
it is the only one just there, just now.

NaPoWriMo day 19

Today’s form is once again from Poetic Asides.

Warning: the themes of this poem may be distressing or triggering to some.

A Hundred Syllables About Self-Harm

Tender spots along my limbs speak of knocks
obtained when the externalisation
of my demons breaks through to physical
effects; sleeves do not save me, nor do socks,
nor does a depersonalisation.
Bruises come and go as if whimsical
and skin heals, or sometimes it doesn’t,
so I resist the normalisation
telling myself I shouldn’t, I mustn’t
but I need the demons back in their box.

NaPoWriMo day 18

This was inspired by a Poetic Asides prompt (a day behind because of the time zones). It asks for a ‘big picture poem’, and suggests a couple of forms, including the Fibonacci. I thought that the scientific background of the form added a certain something to the content I wanted to explore in my ‘big picture’.

Heaven and Hell

and only
what we can find here
the handful of wonders which are
just hanging around this small world
some atoms with gaps
and we find